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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

• We reccommend reserving your charter bus sooner rather than later to make sure there is availability on your date. 

• Please feel free to contact our office at any time regarding the status of your tour.  At this point, we will only contact you if the tour is going to be cancelled. 

(Every motor coach is thoroughly cleaned and then disinfecting as follows before and after each use along with at the end of the day on multi-day tours)
• Basic dirt & debris removal
• Clean all surfaces with soap and water
• Dump and clean restroom
• Restock supplies
• Miscellaneous cleaning throughout motor coach
• Wash interior of windows
• Wash exterior and squeegee window
• Disinfect entire motor coach with a special focus on high touch points
• Run Electrostatic Fogging Decontamination System after standard cleaning and disinfecting procedure
• If you would like a copy of our Disinfecting Protocol Checklist, please contact us

• There will be no seat rotation on our tours, seats will be assigned in order of when travelers sign up-request are taken but not promised.
• If you are are chartering a bus, you may choose your max capacity and seating arrangements.

• Cabin air is completely exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately every 10 minutes.
• Upgraded HVAC system filters to from MERV 5 to MERV 8 for recirculated air which removes respiratory droplets.
• UV lights mounted inside the ductwork and sanitizes air to kill viruses and bacteria (only available on our tour bus when traveling on a Riley Tour).
• Hand sanitizer is provided onboard at entrance of coach and in the restroom.
• Disinfecting products available for passenger use throughout trip.
• Masks may be required at certain locations during your trip but noT onboard the motorcoach.

• PLEASE do not travel if you are sick-cancellation due to illness will be dealt with on a trip-by-trip basis and we will work with our customers as much as we can in this situation.
• We offer optional trip cancellation & interruption protection plan on all of our tours.

• At this time, vaccines are not required on our tours unless required by a destination we are traveling to.
• As of right now, Canada requires all travelers to be vaccinated.

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