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Discounts & Savings

We at Rileys know that cost really does matter, and although we do our best to keep tour prices affordable, we also offer many ways to save! Whether you are a new customer or a returning one, we've got you covered!

NEW CUSTOMER DISCOUNT: Get 5% off your first tour with us! (Not Combinable with the Early Bird Discount)

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Receive 5% off your total tour price if you sign up for any 2021 Tour by April 2, 2021! Get 5% any 2022 tour if you sign up by December 2021! (Not Combinable with the New Customer Discount)

BIRTHDAY BUCKS: Give us your birthday and we'll send you a birthday card with a Riley Bucks Certificate the month of your birthday!

MILEAGE PROGRAM: For each mile you travel on a Riley Tour, you earn miles to be used as a discount credit on a future tour! Once you built up to 5,000 or more miles, you can redeem these as a discount credit on the next tour you sign up for. Credits cannot be used more than once, you must build up to the next credit amount before you can reedem another.

5,000 Miles=$50 Off
10,000 miles=$100 off
15,000 miles=$150 off
20,000 miles=$200 off
25,000 miles=$250 off
30,000 miles=$300 off
35,000 miles=$350 off
40,000 miles=$400 off
45,000 miles=$450 off
50,000 miles=$500 off

-Receive a $50 per person credit when you refer a friend to sign up for a tour with us, who is not on our mailing list
-Receive a $25 per person credit when you refer a friend to sign up for a tour with us, who is already on our mailing list

*Please note that discounts must be applied prior to making your final payment. No refunds can be made for discounts/credits after you have made your final payment*

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Latest News

See our homepage for the latest COVID-19 update.  

We are will be running our 2020 tours with a limited capacity in response to COVID-19 so our passengers can be spaced father apart on our motorcoaches.  This means that there is limited space on our tours so if you would like to go on a tour, sign up right away to reserve your spot!  

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