Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions ...

Everyday we get questions that are asked. We thought it best to post them here to help our visitors who might have the same questions. If you do not find your question or answer here please Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. 



You may make reservations by calling our office at 1-800-288-8246 and one of our travel professionals will take your information and assist you in answering any questions you may have.  Or you can fill out the form on this website submit it to us.

Personal checks, money orders, credit card and cash are acceptable forms of payment.  There is a non-refundable 3.95% service fee on all credit card transations.

Most tours have a deposit amount of $200.  Cruise tours require a $350 deposit.  The deposit is due within 10 days of making the reservations.

For most motorcoach tours, the balance is due 45 days prior to the tours departure.  For some tours, the balance is due earlier.  Please check the brochure or your invoice for the final payment date.  We dont not sent final payment reciepts unless requested.  The arrival of your final documents 21 days prior to your tour's departure indicates that your full payment was received. 

We mail final documents 14 days prior to the tour's departure date.  The documents will include a day-by-day itinerary, names and phone number of the hotels, packing suggestions, general information, your luggage tags, medical forms, and any other important information. 

Inside Secure Parking is provided at Riley Tours Office in Murdock for all motorcoach tours.  Other locations without inside secure parking in Minnesota include Hutchinson, Waconia, Alexandria, St. Michael and Minnetonka.  Front door pick up is available in the Twin Cities (please call our office to see if you qualify for this).  Additional departure points are schduled based on the tour routing.  We suggest you contact our office for the most convenient departure point that is availble from your area.  Courtesy transportation will be provided upon request for ten or more passengers departing from the same location on most tours.  *DUE TO COVID-19WE ARE NOT OFFERING FRONT DOOR PICK-UP. IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ON TRANSPORTATION SERVICES TO YOUR NEAREST PICK-UP POINT OR PARKING LOCATIONS, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS INCONVIENCE AND HOPE TO RESUME THIS SERVICE IN 2022*

Upon request, lodging for the night before departure will be provided at a cost of $50-$100 per room (depending upon location) for travelers who live more than 50 miles from the nearest designated departure point.  For travelers who live within 50 miles of the nearest designated departure poing, we can help you arrange pre-tour lodging at a cost of $70-$100 per room.

We do not send reminder invoices when the final payment is due.  You will receive a receipt for your deposit and it will note at the bottom the date that the final payment is due.  

Full refund will be made provided we receive notice 31 days or more prior to the tours departure for most tours.  For tours which include air, a full refund will be made up to 61 days before departure.  Cruise Tours cancellation dates are listed on the individual tour.  Please check the cancellation date in the brochure when signing up for ANY tour.  Cancellations or changes made within 60 days of departure may be subject to charges.  Refunds are at the discretion of Riley Tours based on non-recoverable expenses and other factors.  If you are sharing a room and your partner cancels or leaves the tour enroute, you will be require to pay the difference between the double and single accomodation tour cost.   

Riley's purchases a Group Deluxe Protection plan with Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption on behalf of all participants.  This coverage can protect you from non-refundable charges and any additional expenses if an illness or accident prevents you or your partner from going on the tour or leaving while the tour is in progress.  Keeping in mind that the insurance applies to "covered" reasons only in case of cancellation.  

A passport is required for all passagers (land, sea, and air) to and from Canada and Mexico.  If you are applying for a passport, we recommend applying for a passport as you register for a tour, as it can take up to eight weeks to process.
The U. S. Department of State website is if you are looking for more information.

In most cases, we do not get individual tickets for shows and performances.  If we do, they will be passed out on the tour.  In the case of airline tickets, tickets are electronic so you will not get a paper ticket.  

Tour participation will be granted to all persons.  Any person who requires special assistance, needs to be accompanied by an able companion who will assist them throughout the trip.  Riley Tours regrets that we are not able to provide individual assistance to passengers with walking, wheel chairs or other personal needs.  

You can still call our office and the message system will provide you with an emergency number to call. 

There will not be any refunds for inclement weather if the bus is able to travel and the attractions are not closed. 

Luggage handling for one suitcase per person is included on all motorcoach tours. 

One large suitcase per person (50 lb limit) and a carry-on is allowed.  The carry-on should be no larger than 15" x 10" x 6" high.  A soft-sided carry-on made of canvas or soft-leather is recommended.  A small bag or suitcase is considered a carry-on, a purse is not.  C-PAP machines are not considered a carry-on.  You are responsible for carrying your carry-on bag and personal items.  

We have gift certificates available for any amount for any occasion.  They can be purchased in person or by mailing payment to our office and providing us with the name and address of who is receiving the gift certificate as well as who it is from.  We suggest buying gift certificates for certain amounts rather than certain tours. 

Riley's Tours provides free parking at our office during any tour.  We also have parking available at other locations also, please call our office for the closest pick-up and parking to you.  

Smoking is not allowed on any motorcoach.  Break stops are made every 2 - 2.5 hours. 

We do not assign travel partners for singles.  However, if you choose a tour where another single is looking for a partner, we will give you their information so you may contact them and then it is up to the two of you to decide if you wish to travel as partners.