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Welcome to Riley Tours

Rileys offers a variety of tours throughout the United States and Canada, as well as the occasional International tour. We also charter out our motorcoaches. We own 4 motorcoaches ranging from 29 to 56 passengers. The motorcoaches are the newest on the market, offereing panoramic views with comfortable seating. We are a family owned business that gives you quality at an affordable price. We have more than 75 years of experience and we put it to work for you! Whether you are interested in taking a vacation with Riley's or renting a motorcoach, please contact us!

We are taking sign ups on all future tours unless noted as canceled so please call us if you would like to join one!  

(Limited seating available because we are only allowing a smaller number travelers on a bus)


Hello Travelers!

I just wanted to touch base with everyone letting you know we are still here and we're not going anywhere. Many people have reached out to us with worry of the travel industry being hit so hard by the pandemic. My grandfather Clarence "Cookie" Krattenmaker started this company back in 1939. Since then we have built it up from one 1935 Ford school bus to what we are now with four luxury motorcoaches, one mini coach and six school buses. Since then, we're still family owned and run. We have survived things from 9/11 to SARS and H1N1. This is only just another bump in the road. Although we're not as busy as we were 6 months ago, we've got plenty to do! We're busy getting our first tour on the road since March, planning 2021 tours, getting our school buses ready for school and chartering a couple of trips for small groups and weddings here and there with our motorcoaches.

GOOD NEWS!  We are happy to announce that our Mystery tour is departing next week. Dan and Kari are so excited to get back out on the road again as well as our dedicated travelers! A lot of details have gone into getting ready for this tour and we cannot wait! I can't tell you where it's going but I can tell you it's going to be so much fun!  We are also planning to run our Mackinac Island tour in September. Although there will be some changes, those include not going into Canada and doing the Agawa Canyon Railroad. Instead we will spend two nights on Mackinac Island and then visit Madeline Island in Wisconsin. More information will be available on this tour next week so check our website and facebook for the update. There are only a few spot left on the bus since we are only taking half the capacity to leave room for social distancing so give our office a call for more information! 

Our charter bus operations have begun to pick up a little bit. We have been doing some wedding charters and other r short trips. We hope that this continues and our buses start moving a bit more. If you are looking for a bus to charter, give us a call. We have availability but future dates are filling up. Many people do not realize that we do wedding charters so if you are planning your wedding and looking for a bus, call for a quote!

NEWSLETTERS/CATALOG/2021 TOURS:  Right now, we are not mailing out newsletters and we're not sure exactly when our catalog will be mailed but we are doing regularly email newsletters and updates on our upcoming tours for this year. All 2021 tours are slowly being added to our website and we're updating it daily with changes to current tours, cancellations and any new tours we're adding to the schedule. If you are not receiving our emails and would like to, please call our office or email us with your email to be added to the email club.  We are working hard on our 2021 tours, many of them are on the website and we're adding information daily to each of them.  All 2021 tours are 5% off until a deadline is posted, take advantage of this while you can!  

IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP FOR A 2020 TOUR:  If you are signed up for a tour and want to know the status of that tour, please feel free to call us but we will also reach out to you around the final payment time to let you know what is going on. At that time, if we plan to run the tour you will be given the choice to go on it or cancel.  We have also updated our cancellation policy for our 2020 tours. Your cancellation options are either a cash refund or a future travel credit. We ask that you please consider a future travel credit. These credits never expire, and although we send you a voucher, we keep a copy on file so you do not have to worry about keeping track of it. If you do not use it after 1 year, we can give you a cash refund if requested. Also, if you transfer to next year's date, we would honor 2020's rate. Your willingness to do so will help ease the financial pressure the supply chain and lack of current revenue is causing. If you would like a cash refund, you must cancel before the cancellation date listed on the tour you signed up for. Most tours are 31 days prior. Refunds will be processed and sent in 8 to 10 weeks upon receiving written cancellation notification. I want to personally thank all of the travelers who have accepted the future travel credits so far and do so in the future. I appreciate your faith in my business!

OFFICE HOURS:  Our office is open but we have adjusted our hours. We're open Monday-Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm. There is only a few of us working in the office right now so if you call here and we miss it, just leave a message and we will call you back. We are allowing visitors in our office now but please wear your mask when entering.

COVID-19 CLEANING & PROTECTING PROTOCOL:  We want our travelers to travel with us feeling confident that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe! We are making sure all accommodations, restaurants and attractions visited on our tours are safe and have COVID-19 procedures in place when we visit. We are doing our part by making sure our motorcoaches are clean for you also! Although our coaches have always been kept up and cleaned thoroughly before, after and during trips, with COVID-19 we have intensified this cleaning and disinfecting process. We have also implemented distancing and prevention practices to support the health and well being of passengers. We're calling it our Extreme Clean Commitment. Check it out below! 

We are going the extra mile to keep our motor coaches clean and safe for you based on current federal guidelines. We consistently comply with these guidelines as provided by our industry associations, as well as the CDC, WHO and local governments.

I hope to travel with you all soon, until then please stay safe and healthy!

Kevin Riley


Every motor coach is thoroughly cleaned and then disinfecting as follows before and after each use
along with at the end of the day on multi-day tours:

• Basic dirt & debris removal
• Clean all surfaces with soap and water
• Dump and clean restroom
• Restock supplies
• Miscellaneous cleaning throughout motor coach
• Wash interior of windows
• Wash exterior and squeegee windows

• Disinfect entire motor coach with a special focus on high touch points
• Run Fogging Decontamination System after standard cleaning and disinfecting procedure
• If you would like a copy of our Disinfecting Protocol Checklist, please contact us

• On Riley Tours you can expect limited capacity and seating arrangements for social distancing
• There will be no seat rotation on our tours, seats will be assigned in order of when travelers sign up
• Passengers are asked to maintain social distancing when unloading and loading the bus
• On Riley Tours, the bus will be unloaded from front to back
• If you are are chartering a bus, you may choose your own seating arrangements based upon your individual group or use our standard seating protocol
• Drivers, Tour Directors and other staff you may have contact with have been trained in social distancing protocols

• Cabin air is completely exchanged with fresh, outside air approximately every 10 minutes
• Upgraded HVAC system filters to from MERV 5 to MERV 8 for recirculated air which removes respiratory droplets
• UV lights mounted inside the ductwork and sanitizes air to kill viruses and bacteria (only available on our Tour Bus when traveling on a Riley Tour)
• Hand sanitizer is provided onboard at entrance of coach and in restroom
• Mini-hand sanitizer will be provided in welcome bag (when traveling on a Riley Tour)
• Disinfecting products available for passenger use throughout trip
• Disposable Masks will be available onboard, passengers and staff are asked to wear masks or face covering when required in the state the motorcoach is traveling in or through
• PLEASE do not travel if you are sick-cancellation due to illness will be dealt with on a trip-by-trip basis and we will work with our customers as much as we can in this situation
• When traveling on a Riley Tour, we include a trip cancellation & interruption protection plan - If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, there is coverage for you- Please contact us for more information

Tour Cancellations as of July 30, 2020 (most recent is in BOLD text)
New Orleans, Music Cities, Charm of the South, Tulip Trails & Amish Buggies, Marvels of Michigan & Wisconsin, Ontario & French Canada, Door County Cherry Blossoms, Mackinac Island Lilac Festival, Springtime in the Pac. NW, Cape Cod, Lighthouses of WI, Canadian Rockies, New York City to Niagara Falls, Alaska Tours, Winnipeg & the Folklorama, Medora, No. California & Oregon, Yellowstone & the West, Wisconsin Fall Traditions, Norks Hostfest, National Parks, Colorado Rails & Trails, Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

If you are on one of the recent tours that have been cancelled, please be patient as we send information regarding the cancellation of the tour. There are a number of travelers signed up on each of these tours and we will contact you in the order you signed up per date of the tours departure (for example, passengers signed up for National Parks will be contacted before those on Pasadena Tournament of Roses).  Thanks! :)

What people say!

  • Quiet and smooth bus ride with lots of leg room!"
    Anonymous Texas 2020
  • Dan W. is fantastic and Yvonne has a wonderful sense of humor-she makes it all fun!"
    Anonymous Texas 2020
  • Dan C. was so on the ball, keeping the windows and bus washed and inside tidy! He always had his hand out ready to assist us we got off the bus and smiled! Kari did an excellent job, had videos, games, smiles and treats! She made the trip a delight! I hope to travel with Riley's again soon! Was a great time on both of our trips!"
    Anonymous Arizona Deserts & Canyons 2020
  • Dan was wonderful-knew Branson very well (he said it was it 166th time in Branson). He's very friendly, knowledgeable and takes great pride in driving that motor coach!"
    Elaine Martig Branson Christmas 2017
  • The included insurance is a real plus when we are signing up for a trip! "
    Val Froke New York City & Niagara Falls
  • We truly enjoyed Riley's and how accommodating you all are! Terry is a joyful person and excellent driver. Kari did a wonderful job and made the trip a lot of fun!"
    anonymous New Orleans 2017
  • I loved how the bus was decorated for Christmas on our Branson Christmas tour! Dan was absolutely great. He knew exactly where to park for every show so we were the first to get out. He defineatly knew what hew was doing and just a very nice person all around! Kari was awesome. She looked like a million bucks everyday and if any one needed anything or had questions she jumped to tend to their needs.
    San Eickhoff Branson 2017
  • I will travel with your coaches and personnel anytime. The April 2012 Washington DC/NYC tour was fantastic. Your trip made a dream of mine a reality...seeing the Statue of close up and then there was FANTASTIC DAN....he's quite the driver. Yes, you will see me again. "
    Gladys Baird Bloomington, MN
  • A few years ago on a trip to Alaska with Riley's, I fell and injured my hand enough to need emergency care. Riley's tour guide and driver drove me to the hospital with the bus and stayed with me until I was cared for. Throughout the rest of the trip, they made sure I was comfortable with pillows and seating on the bus to accommodate me. I enjoyed the entire trip much to their attentive care of me. "
    Jan B Madison, MN
  • We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary by traveling with Riley's Travel Easy to Alaska. Besides all the FUN of touring our 49th state, we developed lasting friendships with a caring group of travel companions. Shirley, our tour guide, and Dan, our coach driver, provided the "Trip of a Lifetime!" We had so much fun and returned home with great memories and beautiful photos. "
    Warren and Gine Starbuck, MN
  • In April of 2012, I went to NYC and Washington DC with Riley's Travel Easy Tours and was absolutely amazed how organized our luggage, meals and accommodations were handled. An added bonus was the tour guides that rode with us. Still another bonus was the service of picking me up at my door and return. The wonderful personality of Dan, our bus driver, and his knowledge of how to get all the places we experienced. A wonderful time had by all. I'll travel with Riley's again. "
    Nettie Bloomington, MN

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